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About me


My name is Nurit and my affair with the magical world of Polymer clay started by chance, and until today it is intertwined with love and wonder.

When I was pregnant with my son, I attended a one stroke brush class and one of the women in that class suggested she teach us about polymer clay. I fell in love at first site.

Millefiouri – the technique I use until today is a wonderful way to build infinite canes and with those canes I make my creations.

My love for colors and combinations make me want to create all the time and create useful and practical gifts for everyone.

Pretty soon, the demand for my products became something I couldn’t ignore, and my products began to travel worldwide.

I worked with businesses and private customers, and slowly word got around.

I’m amazed every time I make a cane. The mix of colors to make something new and wonderful every time, never gets old!

I design and create products with and for my customers. If you have a special request, I’ll be more than happy to create something especially for you.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,


Personalized hand made gifts

Nurit Naor

Making fimo millefiore

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